F: "What did the war mean to you personally?"

A: "To me it meant that the average American proved to be an American all the way through. Proud of his country, and proud to serve his country. That’s what I learned from the men with whom I was associated. And I was going to say, since I served with people from the southern section of the country as well as those from other sections, I found out that it doesn’t make a difference from what part of the country you come. As a general rule they proved to be Americans."

F: "What did the, what were your greatest rewards? Personal satisfaction from the war?"

A: "I would say that the greatest reward was the lessons that I learned from my various experiences. That um, one who had served and was associated with so many men, could not help but gain a great deal of grit out of the whole thing. A great deal of regard for the men with who he was associated and, well as I said, a general experience that meant a whole lot to a person."
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