C: "When we got there, we helped her unload, we helped the other people, and there were quite a few other people. We had found out subsequently that they had this concentration camp and she was supposed to take pictures of this place. As I say, none of us really had any idea…we thought it was like a prisoner of war camp; a POW camp. We were in for a rude awakening."

K: "So what did you find when you got there?"

C: "Well when we got there, the first thing that I noticed was the stench. The stench was terrible. It smelt like decayed, well if you’ve ever been past raw meat that’s decayed, it smelt like that. Also there was this burnt smell like, oh, like if you’ve ever burned the hair off of the back of your hand or something like that. That smell that was very heavy in the air. We went in and I understood from Miss Bourke-White and several of the other men that were with us that General Eisenhower had told her to take as many pictures as possible because, quote “The American people will never believe this.” As I say we had all been informed about this, but we had no idea about the atrocity of the thing."
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