C: "Anyways, we went into the administration side of it, and this is where, I couldn’t conceive of this. They had filing cabinets. They had one filing cabinets there that would, it would just break your heart. It was filled with baby shoes. This was a four drawer filing cabinet, it was big, it was filled with nothing but baby shoes just jammed in. In another filing cabinet they had a, like, gold. That is, wedding rings, engagement rings, lockets, pendants, and the fillings from teeth. Just drawers, full of this, actual fillings from peoples teeth. In the course of this, we were told that nothing was wasted. Everything was used. The bodies, I understand were rendered into ash to make soap. The hair was used for mattresses and so forth. It just, sort of, it took your breath away to see so much death."

K: "Well Buchenwald you know is not an actual death camp in a sense of the gas chambers, but did you see evidence of what was going on?"

C: "No, it wasn’t, but we did see the lime pits. There was a lime pit there where they buried their dead prisoners and a matter of fact there was still a bulldozer there. That’s where, unfortunately, looking back on this it’s hard to remember the exact details, but unfortunately it was at that point where I had to reduce myself to throwing up. It was one of those things. It just, it was just a terrible, terrible thing. But the thing that got to me mostly were the poor people that were still there that couldn’t move under their own power. They just lay there and their eyes would follow you as you went around. Their eyes would bulge out of these skulls with skin over them. It was just inconceivable."
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