C: "I saw the people lying on their backs in these buildings and I don’t, judging from the odor in the place, I don’t suppose they had too many sanitation facilities. I think it was about as low as a human being can go without being dead I think. It’s a terrible…it made a lasting impression, I’ll tell you."

K: "Did some of the other men that were with you, that were also carrying this equipment, did you speak with them after this incident?"

C: "Well, not anymore than, let’s get out of here, you know how GI’s talked to each other. Our main idea was to get away from this place, get me out of here, we don’t want anything to do with this. I don’t think at the time the enormity of the thing actually dawned on us. It took time for this thing, what he, and by he I mean, this Hitler and his henchmen had done, it took time for it to sink in. The bestiality of this thing, the enormity of it, it took time to dawn on people. Not only the soldiers but the world. It took time for the enormity of this crime to actually dawn on people. It wasn’t something that you walked in and said, oh how terrible, my god he’s done it to six million people. You didn’t do that. You were sort of dumbfounded. Can this be? In this day in age? In this so called modern era that something like this can go on?"
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