"But as I say, this questioning that you’re giving me about Buchenwald it goes back 35 years. It’s a little hard to put a thing on it, other than the very widest big picture. I know I was shocked. I know I was terribly shocked. I know I was revulsed, if that’s a word, by it. I became sick to my stomach and I wasn’t the only one. You couldn’t conceive of something like this. The thing that made us think and so forth was not so much the enormity of the pictures it was the actual stuff we saw right there. It was the physical, the senses were attacked; the smell, the sight, these things had an effect on us. It was an immediate effect. It wasn’t until several years later that you began to realize what a terrible, terrible thing this was in human history. You got the picture not only from Buchenwald, which is very small, but you got the general picture from all the other camps. You add this all up and it’s a block… Here we are created in god’s image and we do a thing like this. It’s a terrible thing and it’s going to go for years and we’re never going to be able to erase that from human kind’s existence, shall I say. It’s a terrible thing."

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