E: "Ok. Did you have any kind of a political reaction to the war before the United States’ involvement in Vietnam?"

B: "No. That was the last, the only, any… thinking or anything political about Vietnam didn’t happen until I was drafted. And then my views were formed. But up until that time, I hadn’t."

E: "Ok, did you ever know anyone that served in the Korean war or anything? To give you any negative or positive ideas about war or what you would be in for?"

B: "No, other than maybe some of the guys that had been in war before that I had met on the corner and just talking. “And oh well, they’re going to do this when you get into the service and they’re going to do that.” Other than that I had no idea what I was getting into… or anything."

E: "Ok, you mentioned that you were drafted. What was your gut reaction to your being drafted for the United States?"

B: "I didn’t want to go."

E: "Ok, did it go deeper than that? Did you feel any anger or resentment or anything like that?"

B: "Yeah, I was angered about it. I was being uprooted from my job, and hanging around with the guys, and being able to drive where you want, going where you want to, when you want to. Being drafted in the service they told you what time to get up, you run to breakfast, so on and so forth. (inaudible mumbles) "
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