E: "Yeah, when the war ended. When the end of the war came, when peace, or so called peace was declared. Did you have any feelings about that?"

B: "Yeah, I thought we were, umm… I was glad to see it over. Umm."

E: "Did you have any gut reactions about it, like did you feel it was a waste? A lot of veterans feel that the war was a complete waste. Did you feel like it was a waste of money and lives?"

B: "Oh yeah. Definitely a waste. Because, uh, it was never declared a war. So by saying that it’s a war, we’re umm, using the wrong term. It was a skirmish, supposedly. It was never declared a war, so therefore, we never won the war. We left, and left the country in the hands of the South Vietnamese who immediately lost the country. And we left all of our taxpayers equipment. Guns, trucks, tanks, you name it, it was left there. So the enemy got everything. I, I (inaudible). It’s more or less disgusting because we lost the war."

E: "Ok, President Reagan has recently come out in a speech about Vietnam with a statement concerning the fact that we were not allowed to win the war. Do you feel that we could have won the war if we had decided to?"

B: "Yeah, if they weren’t playing a political game out of it all, instead of… I think it was Nixon wanted to go and level the, North Vietnam. And I was all for it, that would have been the best way to stop anything."

E: "To level the whole…"

B: "Just go up and level it, instead of losing lives like we did. There were more lives lost there than Korea. For what? We didn’t even win it."
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