Anne: "Once you reached Camp Hale, what was your…what did they do with you, what was your early training like?"

Donald: "Well, the… We were all, the uh, we’d all just been drafted and we were all new recruits, they gave us basic training. The, uh… and basic training is the same anywhere in the army. You know, you learn how to hold a rifle, you learn how to salute, you learn how to do all kinds of dumb things, the, uh, in fact the funniest thing was that when we got here, even in 1943, the army was so short of equipment that… we couldn’t do our rifle calisthenics with rifles, they didn’t have enough, we did them with aspen logs. We never were issued with helmets until we finally had to go out to a demonstration of, oh, anti-tank mines and things like that, and they thought they were going to blow them up and they might land on our heads, and…"

Anne: "They decided it might be appropriate to give you helmets at that point?"

D: "Well, yeah, because they did blow up a land-mine, anti-tank mine. We were sitting on a hillside watching it, and one rock came up out of the whole affair, and came up over where we were and it hit one kid on the head sitting three rows behind me and if he hadn’t had a helmet on, as it was it cold-cocked him, if he hadn’t had a helmet on it would have killed him. So I thought that that was nice of the army."
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