A: "Ok, who, once you finished basic training, who provided your more specialized training?"

D: "We had a corps of not only of ski instructors, but mountain climbing trainers, technical rock climbing trainers, and that, frankly is what they were teaching us. Everybody could take the basic ski training. The technical rock climbing training with ropes and pitons and snaplinks, and all that we got from fella’s that were in the outfit and had been guides and we had a lot of European’s who had done climbing in Europe."

A: "Were they members of your unit or were they strictly trainers?"

D: "No, they were members of the unit. They just dragged them out and made them, you know, they had gone over their service records and found out what their backgrounds were. And I will tell you one thing, one of the more interesting things was that our ski instructors, our mountain climbing instructors, were picked for their knowledge, not their rank. So our battalion, which is a group of 1,000 men, the head of the ski school was a private first class, out of my company, but he had been a ski instructor for Hannes Schneider up at North Conway, New Hampshire. He did it, so he knew more about skiing, teaching skiing, than anyone else."
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