"I had, to take you back a minute, if I can to the Chateau Thierry sector an experience I had, which you might like to hear about. We were taken, a group that I was in, a division radio group for division headquarters now, we were taken far up front even ahead of our own artillery. The artillery is generally is in back of brigade headquarters we were forward of this as division headquarters. We were to establish a radio station up there to strengthen the communications for the division which was very bad because of so many runners being killed and then never reaching their destination, orders being lost going forward. So we were taken up there in the dead of night by a small Ford truck with our equipment. Transmitted by the way, all of our equipment was French radio equipment. The United States had not developed any radio equipment of this tube type of equipment at this time. This was radio tube equipment developed by the French and perfected in their laboratories in Paris where they manufactured it." Listen to clip
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