Honor Societies

Cadet Organizations

Later Years



In addition to honor societies, the ROTC also sponsored several specialized cadet organizations and cadet corp extracurricular activities. Some of the more popular organizations were the Counter-Guerrilla Group, National ROTC Band Association, and the Northeastern University Rifle Club. Other groups included the ROTC Council, Sport Parachute Club, Flight Training Group, and the Minutemaids, a girls' auxillary.

The Northeastern ROTC also had chapters from two military professional societies – the Armed Forces Communication Association and the Society of American Military Engineers. A chapter of the Military Affiliated Radio System for those who wished to learn “ham” radio operation was also present on campus.

ROTC cadets also managed to find time for extracurricualr activities in their busy class and training schedules. Activities included drill meets, orientation trips, parades, dances, amd specialized weekend trainings, such as amphibious assault and patrolling on skis.

Rifle Range

Cadet Organizations

Counter Guerrilla Group

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