"Well, anyway, we were about 14 days, and of course they had, when we got to, oh, I don’t know, 100 miles out of Liverpool, we went up through the Irish Sea between Ireland and Wales, you know. When we were about 100 miles out, a big (inaudible) American destroyers came along to protect the convoy, and this convoy was 24 ships. The largest convoy that had left this country for Europe up until that time. Well, we landed in Liverpool Harbor, though they slowed the whole convoy up because there had been an oil slick on the waters, something must have been sunk. The submarines were waging an unmerciful war at that time. We pulled into Liverpool Harbor, and we stayed there for the night. Of course, we got to talking to all the limey sailors and all, and it was kind of interesting and all to hear the English twang, or whatever you call it." Listen to clip
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