"We got a 10 day leave to France or a 3 day leave to Paris. Well of course, right after the war, Paris was loaded with Australians, Canadians, English, Americans, French, Belgian, all kind of soldiers, you know. I don’t know how, we got a place to sleep, Joe and I did, but I don’t know how we ever done it. Well of course we took a troop train down from, that’s what you’re supposed to ride on, a troop train, we got down around Valley Duc and I says to Joe, our leave will be all gone before we get to Paris. So we went in and bought passenger tickets, and we got on a passenger train heading towards, through Chateau Thierry towards Paris. An American MP come on, the military police. Says what are you guys doing here? Well we bought our tickets so we’re riding to Paris. He says, you are? Get the H off of here. (chuckles) So we had to get off or he’d throw us in the brig, see."

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