"They sent word from down below that they needed hand grenades, so three of us were detailed to bring down hand grenades. So we get down, part way down, and there was a squad of machine gunners. A machine gun squad on the side of the trench, they dug in and they had camouflage over, and their corporal had just been killed before we got there. So we get there and a shell landed in back of us, and a piece of shell went right by me into a bank, and one of the machine gun men said, well you’ll never come any closer and not get hit. So we, well we stopped for a few minutes, and they didn’t have anything to eat, we were looking for something to eat. All they had were some sliced pickles, well we ate them, then we got on our way in. We come to find out, those two shots were sagging shots. The one that killed the corporal down front was the first and then the one that hit by me was the second. Then the artillery men on the German side could figure out where the third shot should be. Of course there was a plane or a sausage broom watching where the shots landed. They could figure just about where to place the next one to blow up that machine gun outfit. So we got part way down, and sure enough a shell landed in amongst them, blew them all to pieces of course."

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