"We get down there and one of our men had just been wounded. Ray Rice, his name was, Rice had just been wounded in the back and a bandsman, a bandsman were running stretcher duties those days. So a bandsmen took a hold of, they put him on the stretcher, one of them took a hold of the front one had the back of course. They couldn’t put four men on a stretcher like they did in the last world war on account of the trenches. So Ray says to them, well prior to that, this bandsman was killed, another one picked it up and he got killed, so while he was laying there they was waiting for help to get him out and he, uh, first aid man came along. Foster, his name was. Ray says to Foster, do you think I’ll pull through doctor, he kept calling him doctor. Foster says, naw not a chance. Ray died right there. I think he would have lived if Foster hadn’t said that."

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