"We didn’t have anymore fighting until the Argonne fight. In the Argonne, we went over with tanks. With light whip it tanks, they called them, it was a French tank. They, you could hear them darn tanks, you could hear them all night long coming up to the trenches. The Germans were all ready for them they had already dug tank traps out in no mans land. When the tanks went over, we were supposed to follow the tanks, single file. You don’t deploy like you do when you go as an infantry outfit, not like you do when you’re in regular squad formation. So everyone of those tanks got trapped and you could see those French soldiers hanging out of the tanks where they’d been killed because they had used anti-tank shells. They killed them, practically everyone in that tank brigade. So we went back to the outfit again, to our trenches. We didn’t try to do anything more for two or three days. We had to get our replacements for those that got killed."

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