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Community Activism

"It's a Beginning" MBTA poster (ca. 1974)
Senator John F. Kennedy, Muriel Snowden, Otto P. Snowden, photograph (ca. 1956)

Founded as a center for community activism in 1949 by Otto and Muriel Snowden, Freedom House has functioned as an agent of African American pride and accomplishment in Boston for over 50 years. The Freedom House mission is to promote the long-term, sustainable economic and social development of Boston's communities of color, and to break down boundaries of race and class. As the Snowdens pursued their mission, they cultivated the respect and assistance of many notable and powerful political and social figures. Among their supporters were John F. and Jacqueline Kennedy; Jacqueline helped to organize the first Ebony Fashion Fair, and the then-Senator spoke at the Fair. From the Freedom House Collection.

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