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The Theater Offensive Sells Out poster, photographs of Peggy Shaw and Luis Alfaro, and selection from Menopausal Gentleman (1994-1998)
“You describe me as a 52 year old woman who passes as a 35 year old man who likes the ladies.”

In the summer of 1998, the Theater Offensive presented two solo shows by Peggy Shaw and Luis Alfaro. Peggy Shaw is a legend in queer theater. She is a co-founder of the Split Britches Theater Company and has won numerous awards for her solo and ensemble work. "Menopausal Gentleman" took the audience through a "suave, Frank Sinatra-type" butch lesbian's experience of menopause in meditation, monologue, and music. Luis Alfaro, the 1997 recipient of a MacArthur "genius" grant, is a playwright, actor, teacher, and activist. In "Politicized Body," he presented "a look at the American consumption game as told through the eyes of a person who has to justify his body." From the Theater Offensive records.