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Women's Liberation
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Violence Against Women

Feminist publications such as The Second Wave: A Magazine of the New Feminism published articles that created an open dialogue on previously "taboo" topics, such as rape, sexual assault, and domestic abuse. Boston area organizations, such as the Women's Center of Cambridge, provided services for women who had been victims, and organized rape prevention and self defense classes. Organizations such as Women Against Violence Against Women sought to eliminate violent and demeaning depictions of women in advertising, film, and music. The Boston WAVAW group participated in numerous direct actions, including boycotting recording companies, picketing demeaning store displays; protesting offensive films, and spray painting derogatory billboards and store front displays.


"Does Your Gift DoViolence to Women?" brochure (ca. 1977)

"What's a 'sick window'?" flyer (ca. 1978)


Rape Action Project's invitation to public street trial and
brochure for "They Say We Ask For It" play (1979)