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Axel Bruns

Dr Axel Bruns holds a PhD in media and cultural studies from the University of Queensland. His doctoral thesis studied Resource Centre Sites on the World Wide Web, which involves describing and analysing a major new genre of online news, information and discussion Websites including and He has recently extended this research in order to build a wider, systematic perspective on gatewatching and open news. In 2005, he will publish his research in the book Gatewatching: Collaborative Online News Production, forthcoming from Peter Lang Publishing. With Joanne Jacobs, he is also working on an edited collection on blogging, Uses of Blogs, also upcoming from Peter Lang.

Bruns's research interests are in online publishing, virtual communities, creative industries, creative hypertext writing, and popular music studies. He has published a variety of articles in these fields, many of which can be found in M/C Journal and dotlit.

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