Evaluation of Ebsco Discovery

Thank you for taking time to evaluate and make comments on the trial of the EBSCO Discovery Service. Your comments are important to us!

1. Did you find material that was relevant to your topic when using the EBSCO Discovery Service?
1 (not relevant) 2 3 4 5 (invaluable)


2. Did you find material that was current and scholarly?
1(not at all) 2 3 4 5(very much)


3. Did you find the EBSCO Discovery Service easy to use?
1 (difficult) 2 3 4 5 (easy)


4. Rate the search functionality (easy to use, advanced or focused searching, wildcards, sorting):
1 (poor) 2 3 4 5 (excellent)


5. Rate the convenience features, such as online help, printing, marking, saving and emailing information:
1(poor) 2 3 4 5(excellent)


6. Were you able to locate or link to journal articles or books once you read the description or citation?

Yes, links worked and information on finding materials was clear
Sometimes links and information worked and were clear, but not always
No, links and information on finding materials were problematic

Comments, if you had to link to an article or locate the book:


7. Which search engine(s) do you normally use for your research?

(check as many as apply)

Google Scholar
PubMed or Medline
Web of Science/ISI Citation Indexes
Scifinder Scholar/CAS
Business Source Premier
Don't know what to use
Other (describe):


8. How does Ebsco Discovery compare to the search engine you normally use?
Ebsco Discovery is better
Ebsco Discovery is about the same
Ebsco Discovery is not as good as my usual search engine


9. Overall, which best describes your view of Ebsco Discovery?

(choose one)
The library should definitely buy Ebsco Discovery
Ebsco Discovery would be nice to have
I would not recommend Ebsco Discovery

10. Additional comments:

NU affiliation:
Graduate Student

Academic department:

Name (optional):

E-mail (optional):



Thank you for your participation!

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