2. Finding Articles

Locating Full Text

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Although some bibliographic databases contain full-text articles, most of them only provide citations or abstracts (summaries). If the database you have searched has the full text available, you can print, e-mail or save it (look for the database's links or buttons for these options).

If only a citation or abstract is available in the database, and the database contains NU Library Links use the link to check the library's holdings online and in print.


Sample citation

If no NU Library Links are available in the database you have searched, use the following steps to get the full text:

  1. Check the E-Journals to see if the Library has an online subscription to the journal named in the citation.
  2. If the journal is not available online, check NuCat to see if the library has a print subscription to the journal.
  3. If we do not subscribe to the journal either online or in print, then you can request the article through Interlibrary Loan.
Example: Sample citation

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