Lost Books

If you believe you've returned an item, but are still receiving notices

If you believe a library book or multimedia item has been returned, but you are still receiving overdue notices, please by email or call (617)373-8778 . For a 40-day period, we will conduct a thorough search for the item, asking you at the same time to search various likely places. If the item is not found or returned at the end of this period, you will continue to be responsible for it, and eventually you will be charged for its replacement.

Lost books

If you lose a book, notify the Library promptly in order to prevent the further accumulation of fines. You will be charged for overdue fines accrued prior to such notification, plus the replacement price and processing fee. If you subsequently find and return the lost book, only the overdue fines will be charged. The replacement price and processing fee will be cancelled.

NU Library users are responsible for replacement charges, fines, and processing fees for unreturned/lost/damaged library materials. For each item not returned within 40 days(for a recalled item, within 25 days) of its due date, in addition to overdue fines, the library will also issue a bill for a minimum fee of $55 (or a new replacement copy) plus a $25 processing fee.

NU students are billed for fines and fees through the Student Accounts Office. All others may pay by check at the Snell Circulation Desk.

Lost books (interlibrary loan)

You are responsible for all replacement charges and fees for unreturned, lost, or damaged materials that you borrowed on interlibrary loan.

Amounts and fees may vary, depending on the policies of the lending library, and lending libraries may not accept replacement copies that you purchase yourself. Please contact NU's Interlibrary Loan staff directly at (617) 373-8276 if you have lost or damaged an ILL book.

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