Articles and Book Chapters

According to the terms of fair use, the library will place on reserve:

  • a single copy of an article from a journal issue
  • a single book chapter that is 10% or less of the entire book

The library will place a reasonable number of articles and chapters on reserve for each course. A reasonable number is generally less than 10. Ten or more articles are usually bundled in a packet for reserves.

Each copy will be marked with a copyright notice indicating appropriate use. Faculty must provide all such copies to the library.

For items exceeding these limitations, faculty will assume responsibility for securing the necessary permissions for all materials they submit to the library to be placed on reserve for their respective course(s). Works in the public domain do not require permission.
Determine public domain status here

NU Reprographics offers a services to NU faculty members for the preparation of coursepacks for sale to students. As part of this service, NU Reprographics routinely obtains the necessary permission to use copyrighted material in the coursepack. The cost of obtaining such permissions is pro-rated into the price of the coursepack when it is sold to students through the NU Bookstore. Faculty may submit a copy of the course-pack to the library to be placed on reserve. The library will not purchase course packs for reserve.

Faculty members are encouraged to use their classroom Blackboard accounts to create links to journal articles contained within the NU Libraries’ electronic subscription packages. Learn how to link to articles online here

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