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Students spend about $900 per year on college textbooks...

What do Open Access principles have to do with textbook prices?
Open Access can remove both price and permission barriers to scholarly literature. Journal pricing, course pack pricing, and textbook pricing are all part of the same big picture.

What can be done?

The Affordable Textbooks Campaign is a coalition of Student PIRGs and Student Government Associations who are working to make college more affordable. The campaign seeks to educate students, faculty, and universities about the reality of the textbook publishing market, and supports state legislation and federal reporting focused on the affect of high textbook cost on student life.

Learn more at the Affordable Textbooks Campaign's report on Textbooks For the 21st Century: A Guide To Free And Low Cost Textbooks.

Faculty and students can also check out sites like Textbook Revolution (created by a former NU student!) for access to free online textbooks.

Who's going to pay for it?

Publishers and authors need to protect their business interests, which is why many researchers propose finding solutions that promote Open Access while protecting author rights and publisher profits. Discussions of the economics of new publishing models include:

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