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LibX Available for Firefox 5.0

Posted by: G. Karen Merguerian


Once again, Firefox has been updated, and Northeastern’s LibX for the library, the browser plugin that lets you drag and drop searches, right-click to log in to an ejournal, and find citations in our collections, is now compatible with it.

If you haven’t upgraded to Firefox 5, your upgrade should automatically include the new LibX edition for Northeastern. If you’ve already upgraded and you don’t have the plugin, go to our LibX page to get links and information to install the latest edition.

If you don’t know what Northeastern’s LibX plugin is, or what it can do, see our earlier post with information and examples.

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SimplyMap currently down

Posted by: G. Karen Merguerian


SimplyMap is back as of Monday, 4/25 AM.

SimplyMap is currently unavailable.  The vendor informs us their data servers have been down all day.

SimplyMap is a web site that enables users to develop interactive thematic maps and reports using thousands of demographic, business, health, crime, and marketing data variables including Mediamark and Simmons Consumer Data.

We’ll inform you when the SimplyMap site is back and functioning again.  We apologize to our users for the inconvenience.

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Tech Alert: Elsevier Ejournals, WorldCat Outages This Weekend

Posted by: G. Karen Merguerian


Add this to your reasons to get out of Boston and go skiing (or surfing) this weekend:

SciVerse, the Elsevier publishing platform that includes Science Direct ejournals and ebooks as well as the Scopus search engine, will be undergoing upgrades this weekend and will be unavailable Saturday, 2/26, from 8am to 8pm, or nearly all day.

In addition, WorldCat Local, which allows you to search the catalogs of most United States and some international libraries, will be unavailable Sunday, 2/27 from 1am to 6am.  That’s basically late late overnight Saturday night.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we hope that the enforced hiatus from these two services offers you the opportunity for some rest and relaxation as we head into Spring Break!

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Wiley Online Library Downtime Saturday A.M.

Posted by: G. Karen Merguerian


Due to essential site maintenance, access will be interrupted to Wiley Online Library on Saturday, February 5, 2011 beginning at 5am for up to 2 hours.

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Science Direct Scheduled Outage This Weekend

Posted by: G. Karen Merguerian


We’ve learned from the publisher Elsevier that ejournals in Science Direct and the search engine Scopus are expected to be offline and unavailable for approximately 9 hours on Saturday, November 13th, 2010 due to scheduled upgrades.

The journals are generally high-quality, high-demand peer reviewed titles.  Downtime by region is expected to be as follows

* U.S. Eastern Standard Time (EST): 7:30AM EST – 4:30PM EST
* Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): 12:30PM GMT – 9:30PM GMT
* Singapore Time (SGT): 8:30PM SGT, November 13 – 5:30AM SGT, November 14

This is an exceptionally long and nearly all-day outage at a busy time of year.   Please plan accordingly and get your ScienceDirect ejournals now!

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