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Environmentalism Books and more – at your finger tips

Posted by: Debbie Pennino



Do you want to keep up on the latest new and upcoming books on a specific aspect of Environmentalism?

Then every Wednesday check out The Green Life, or subscribe to their RSS feed and receive it on your computer.

If your interest is Food Politics, then maybe Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal is a book for you. This is written by Tristram Stuart who has become so dedicated to reducing food waste that he has become a FREEGAN (some one who lives off discarded or self-produced food).  Through his investigations he finds out that it is not underproduction but waste  that is at the cause of world’s food problems.

Or maybe it is Building Green Communities, then how about looking at Change the World for ten Bucks: small actions x lots of people = Big Change. This is by a London-based nonprofit We Are What We Do which has put together 50 actions that can lead to more sustainable communities.

Each week they cover a different subject, such as: Forests, Building Green Communities and making craft projects from recycled or eco-friendly materials.

You never know what you will find.

It could be something new that you might just become passionate about.

If you see a book that you think the Library should invest in, you can recommend it here.

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Green Campus Events for October

Posted by: Stephanie Knutson


Campus Sustainability Week

Monday, October 19th – Friday, October 23rd

Sustainability Forum

Monday, October 19th; 7-9 PM; Curry Indoor Quad

This forum will feature a guest speaker from Massachusetts Water Resources Authority and presentations by representatives of the four main Northeastern Sustainability Committees. For more info go to

Stay tuned for updates!

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Electric vehicle charging stations

Posted by: Debbie Pennino


Electric Vehicle Charging Station

This is a an addendum to the blog that I did on the Green Car Challenge.

California has plans for the world’s first solar-powered, fast-charging, electric car charging corridor. Well done California, they seem to be moving ahead with renewable transportation, solar power and zero emissions.

It seems that Solar City and Rabobank are going to be teaming up to create a carbon-free trip for those who own electric vehicles along Highway 101 from San Francisco to Los Angeles, (this is approximately 400 miles.)

This means one can now commute long-distances, and use these EV (electric vehicle) charging stations like gas stations. SolarCity will build four Tesla fast-charging stations at Salinas, Atascadero, Santa Maria and Goleta. These four charging stations will provide a full charge in one-third the amount of time of other stations.

The hope is that after focusing on cars produced at Telsa Motors, they plan to retrofit these to fit all electric vehicles, eventually making all the stations solar-powered.

So with an eye to zero emissions, faster charging times, renewable transportation and wonderful scenery what more could one want?

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The YikeBike-an Electric Penny-farthing..What next!

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Do you want urban freedom and urban mobility? If so, then check out the YikeBike.

For all you cyclists out there just an FYI to let you know that there is now an electric 2 wheeler bike that is being tested in the UK. It is designed and assembled by a couple of inventive Kiwis. It is hoped that the first orders will be appearing in mid-2010.

This new form of transportation called the Yike Bike– it travels up to 13 mph, weights 22 lbs, has a 20 inch front wheel and 8 inch back wheel which are pneumatic, frame is carbon fiber,  operated by a lithium phosphate battery that has a charging time of 30 minutes and can range up to 6 miles, has electronic, anti-skid brakes, built-in front, rear, indicator and brake lights. Now, what more could you want?

You can fold it into a bag and carry the 22 pound package to your office and store it under your desk, and no parking problems!

the YikeBike

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The Green Car Challenge

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If you have any interest in all-electric cars you might want to check out Jay Leno’s new show on NBC this week.  Electric cars now have not only Ed Begley but another celebrity ally, so tune into his new weekly segment called the Green Car Challenge . Every week he will be having celebrity guests race in a special protype of the all-electric Ford Focus. Drew Barrymore will be the first celeb at the wheel. I wonder how she will do.

Of course the Focus BEV(battery-electric vehicle) won’t be on the market till 2011, but if your interested in it check out for some specs on it. It has a single-speed transmission and can run for 100 miles before needing to have its battery plugged in for a recharge. Maybe the only downside is that  recharging the battery could take from 6-12 hours.

Major car companies are jumping on board with all-electric vehicles: Nissan Leaf and Dodge Circuit are two examples that should be on the market in the next few years.

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