Welcome to Snell Library’s Spring 2015 Co-ops

Posted by: Emily Nehme



Snell Library is proud to welcome four new co-ops this semester:


Marketing and Events Co-op: Emily Nehme

My name is Emily Nehme and I am the Marketing and Events Co-op in Snell Library’s Communications Office. I will help to promote and organize events hosted by the library. I am currently a second year Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing. I really enjoy traveling and have had the chance to visit and live in some amazing countries. I look forward to being a part of the library community!







Graphic Design Co-op: Amanda Winfield

My name is Amanda and I am a 3rd year Animation major with a double minor in Art and Interactive Media. My artistic interests are broad and I am always excited to acquire new knowledge regarding art & design. My hobbies include: painting, sewing, drawing, and occasional video gaming.









Digital Media Commons Studios Co-op: Lucas LaScala

My name is Luke LaScala but people call me Zander.  I am currently a third year Music Industry and Business Administration double major here at Northeastern and I am working at the DMC Studios in Snell!  I am a singer songwriter who makes relatable hip-hop music and I have been working in or around studios for the last two years.  I love writing songs – making a vision come to life – because I find it very rewarding. I am very excited to host the upcoming audio and video workshops this semester and to teach others how to use the studio and record their songs/videos! We have some great things planned.





3D Printing Studio Co-op: Russell Butenhof

My name is Russell and I am a third year digital art student in the animation program from New Hampshire. I started studying at Northeastern back in the Fall of 2010 as an engineering major. During my third semester in the engineering program I decided to take a year off to explore my passions. During that time I rediscovered art, which was a childhood passion of mine, and decided to leave the engineering college to pursue a career in animation. This is my first co-op. In my free time I enjoy composing songs on my computer, writing lyrics, playing video games, and binge watching television series on Netflix.




Best of luck for a great co-op experience!




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Welcome Fall 2014 Snell Library Co-ops!

Posted by: Jen Anderle


Snell is proud to welcome four new co-op students this semester. Manuel Simone, William Jackson, Michelle Espinosa, and Jennie Robbiano are already wonderful additions to the library staff.


Manuel Simone- DMC Studios Co-op

Manuel (or Manny) is a Music Industry student going into his 4th year at NEU and originally from Montclair, New Jersey. He has been writing raps since he was 10, and learned how to produce/record since he was about 14. Recently, Manny released his first self-produced album after several albums with help from other producers. Other than music, Manny very much enjoys watching comedy and action TV shows and movies, reading a good fantasy novel or biography, and playing and watching sports.




Will Jackson-Co-op Web Applications Developer

Will is a senior pursuing a dual major in Information Science and Business Management. This is his third and final co-op. Will is currently working on a NEH funded project to add Fedora Repository support to the Tapas Project. In his free time, Will enjoys writing and  playing video games. He also enjoys reading and listening to music. He says he is “okay” at both of those things.







Michelle Espinosa- Graphic Design Co-op

Michelle is a fourth year aspiring Graphic Design major and a business management minor. She is from the small, but beautiful country of Honduras. Michelle has been a competitive horseback rider since she was nine, mainly show jumping and dressage. Her other hobbies include playing the flute, singing, and mountain biking.








Jennie Robbiano- Marketing and Events Co-op

Jennie is a fourth year International Affairs and Religious Studies major. She is also the co-director of Strong Women, Strong Girls at Northeastern. In her spare time, (what little she has) Jennie enjoys sewing, vegan baking, and Sci-Fi TV shows.








Welcome to all of you, we are looking forward to a great semester!



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New Year, New Co-ops

Posted by: Julie Ryu


Hi everyone! With a new year begins a new group of fresh co-ops at Snell. We’re all excited to work here and looking forward to the semester. Here’s a little bit about each of us. — Julie


Ryan Stewart

Ryan Stewart – Digital Media Commons

Hi, my name is Ryan Stewart and I am currently a third year student in Northeastern’s Digital Art and Game Design program. From a very early age, I have been fascinated with video games, and have always known I would end up working with them – doing anything related to them – for the rest of my life. With this fascination, I’ve dedicated the past three years to honing my skills as an artist through the learning of animation tools and programs. I hope to use my experience at the university to build my portfolio and break my way into the professional game industry. In my spare time, I’m working on a series of animations to help build a brand for my name and work. I also am looking to get started in a career of voice over work on the side. The library and new Digital Media Commons have been instrumental in a large number of my projects, and I’m excited to use their resources for many more to come.

Katherine DoernerKatherine Doerner – Archives & Special Collections

My name is Katherine Doerner, and I am a middler originally from Memphis, Tennessee. I am majoring in Cultural Anthropology with two minors in International Affairs and English. I enjoy reading, biking, sewing, writing music, and show photography.



Peyton Gee

Peyton Gee – Graphic Design

I’m Peyton Gee, a 3rd year Digital Art student specializing in animation with a minor in graphic design. Predictably, my hobbies include drawing, reading comics, watching cartoons, playing video games, and practicing Kung Fu. Here at the library, I’m the graphic design co-op and will be the one taking care of the majority of the design work here. Flyers, posters, notices, and anything else that needs to be visually designed will be my work, so you know who to blame if you can’t understand the maps or the posters don’t make any sense!

Julie RyuJulie Ryu – Marketing & Events

My name is Julie and I’m the new Marketing and Events co-op for Snell. I’ll be focusing on organizing library events for the spring, along with working with general marketing materials. I’m a fourth year Communications student, minoring in English Literature. I’m currently working my way through the (addicting) A Song of Ice and Fire series and I enjoy media studies, especially television, and spend a lot of my time watching shows.


Here’s to a great semester!

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Co-op Reflections: Our Time at Snell

Posted by: Jen Anderle


As the semester comes to an end, so do two co-ops in Snell Library. I have been working as the marketing and events planner, and Brittany Tassone has been working in the Digital Media Commons Studio. We have taken some time to think back on our experience here and offer advice to the new co-ops that will take our place in January. 

Thank you to Snell Library and our co-workers for two great co-op experiences. - Jen


As the marketing and events co-op I planned Meet the Author events, assisted library staff with many other projects and events, and used Snell’s social media pages to promote library happenings and communicate with the Northeastern community. I gained a lot of marketing experience from this co-op. The Northeastern community is very diverse, and it was valuable for me to have to promote events and campaigns to such an audience. As a Northeastern student, I benefitted from working with different academic departments and student groups, and I feel much more connected to my university as a result.

I was not sure what to expect at an on-campus co-op, but it turned out to have been an incredible advantage. I was able to have more freedom and work on a wide range of projects at Snell, and was never stuck with boring or repetitive tasks. My favorite things about this job are that that I did something different every day, gained such a wide spectrum of experience, and got to work with a great group of people.

My advice to the next Marketing and Events co-op is to get the most that you can out of working in this position. If you have a good deal of experience when you start, then take on a bit more and come up with new ideas for events and promotions. Also, stay organized and be confident!



My co-op experience at the DMCS definitely was a good fit for me professionally. I was able to use my creative skills and design some unique promotional material, motion, and website graphics, but I was also able to assist in other student’s project, providing them with help that was crucial for it to be the best itcould be. I did experience some trials during my work, and learned that in the business of customer service you definitely need a lot of patience, and willingness to help. Those are qualities that I feel I possess, making my position here definitely a benefit for the DMCS. Having people that don’t necessarily speak English, or don’t have a large knowledge base about design software could be frustrating at times, but working with different types ofpeople is a lesson that I feel everyone should learn. It was beneficial for me because I know in the future I will definitely have to work with all types of different people to create designs for the intended audience.

The best part about working at the DMCS would have to be the great atmosphere my superiors and co-workers created for me. I was able to work on my designs without a huge rush on time, making the transition into my first co-op comfortable for me. My advice to future co-ops would to be to practice using the design software like Adobe Suite, Final Cut, and the iLife suite, as much as possible. It will be very helpful when answering questions in the future.

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Let us introduce ourselves!

Posted by: Jen Anderle


This July I am one of three new co-ops who will be working in Snell Library through the Fall semester. We are all very excited for the months ahead and would love to introduce ourselves (before people start thinking we just spend all day, everyday, in the library… although we love Snell and would if we could!)

– Jen



 Ezra Mitchell

Archives Co-op

My name is Ezra Mitchell, I just finished my third year at Northeastern studying History and Political Science. I am from Providence, RI and during my free time I enjoy rowing and reading.







 Brittany Tassone

DMDS Co-op

My name is Brittany Tassone and I am now working in the Digital Media Design Studio as the new DMDS co-op. I am a middler majoring in Graphic Design, and minoring in Communication Studies. I enjoy traveling and photography and I hope to someday work for a high fashion magazine.





 Jen Anderle

Marketing and Events Co-op

My name is Jen Anderle and I am the new Marketing and Events Co-op in Snell Library’s Advancement office. I am a middler majoring in Art and minoring in Business Administration. This semester I will be working on marketing and organizing library events as well as communicating daily happenings at Snell Library to the Northeastern Community. Otherwise, I enjoy sailing, painting and travelling.



We look forward to working with everyone!

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