Let us introduce ourselves!

Posted by: Jen Anderle


This July I am one of three new co-ops who will be working in Snell Library through the Fall semester. We are all very excited for the months ahead and would love to introduce ourselves (before people start thinking we just spend all day, everyday, in the library… although we love Snell and would if we could!)

— Jen



 Ezra Mitchell

Archives Co-op

My name is Ezra Mitchell, I just finished my third year at Northeastern studying History and Political Science. I am from Providence, RI and during my free time I enjoy rowing and reading.







 Brittany Tassone

DMDS Co-op

My name is Brittany Tassone and I am now working in the Digital Media Design Studio as the new DMDS co-op. I am a middler majoring in Graphic Design, and minoring in Communication Studies. I enjoy traveling and photography and I hope to someday work for a high fashion magazine.





 Jen Anderle

Marketing and Events Co-op

My name is Jen Anderle and I am the new Marketing and Events Co-op in Snell Library’s Advancement office. I am a middler majoring in Art and minoring in Business Administration. This semester I will be working on marketing and organizing library events as well as communicating daily happenings at Snell Library to the Northeastern Community. Otherwise, I enjoy sailing, painting and travelling.



We look forward to working with everyone!

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Meet Snell’s Newest Staff Member

Posted by: Samantha Wasserman


Snell Library is gaining a new librarian: Daniel Jergovic has been appointed as a new Metadata Librarian in the Metadata Management department. Jergovic started his new job with Northeastern University Libraries on January 9th.

As a metadata librarian, Jergovic creates access to the library’s resources, especially those that are electronic and digital. Jergovic says he is interested in this area because he enjoys “the challenges of organizing information” and “helping people find and use library resources”.

Jergovic brings plenty of experience to his new position: before working at Northeastern, he was a librarian for five years, working at the University of South Florida, University of Washington, and San Diego State University. At San Diego State, he managed metadata and cataloging activities for multiple print and digital projects. Jergovic holds an MSIS from the State University of New York at Albany.

In addition to his various positions as a librarian, Jergovic is also an active contributor to library committees and professional development associations, including the ALA ALCTS CaMMS Recruitment and Mentoring Committee and the Leadership Development Committee, where he serves as a communications liaison.

Jergovic has just moved to Boston and loves living in the city so far. Originally from Cleveland, Jergovic has lived in several cities, including Seattle, San Diego, Tampa, and London. Jergovic says Boston is among his “most favorite places to live”. Jergovic is also fluent in Croatian and Serbian and has been an instructor at Berlitz International.

When he’s not at the library, Jergovic has numerous hobbies that he likes to partake in, including movies, music, traveling, exercising, eating out at restaurants, and cooking, although he admits the latter is not his strongest skill.

So far, Jergovic likes working at Northeastern and says he is “really impressed by the university,” especially its “strong orientation towards looking toward the future.”

We at the library welcome Daniel to Northeastern University and wish him luck in his new position!

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Spring 2012 Snell Library Co-ops

Posted by: thomas urell


Snell proudly welcomes five new students to the Library staff this January. These hires include: Anthony Gentles, Colin Parmalee, Sophie Greenspan, Karly Domsky and Kyle Maguire.

Anthony Gentles, new DMDS co-op

Anthony Gentles can be found in the Digital Media Design Studio as the new DMDS co-op. Anthony is a middler majoring in Digital Arts. He is also on the NU track team and very interested in working with video.

Colin Parmalee, new Archives and Special Collections Co-op

Colin Parmalee is the new coop in the Archives and Special Collections Department. He is a junior currently dual-majoring in International Affairs and Political Science. Colin loves watching bad horror movies, reading, and pondering the mysteries of the universe.

Kyle Maguire, new LTS co-op

Kyle Maguire joins the Snell team as the Library Technology Services (LTS) co-op. Kyle is in his third year at Northeastern, majoring in Computer Science and Digital Art. Kyle will be focusing his attention and talent this semester on the emerging Digital Repository Service as well as developing other web applications at LTS. Kyle enjoys art as well as anything technical.

Sophie Greenspan, left, & Karly Domsky, right, new Advancement, Marketing and Events co-ops

Sophie Greenspan takes on the title of Graphic Design co-op in the Advancement, Marketing and Events office in 242 Snell. Sophie is a middler and Graphic Design major with a minor in Environmental Studies. Sophie loves art, museums, baking and can’t wait for Arrested Development to return to television.

Karly Domsky joins Sophie in the Advancement office as the new Marketing and Events co-op. Karly is a middler majoring in Communications with a minor in Arts and Media. She enjoys reading, photography, skiing and travel.

A warm welcome to all of the new team members here at the Library and good luck to all!

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Library helps tell the amazing history of Northeastern’s Co-op program

Posted by: Samantha Wasserman


Here at Northeastern, it seems like everyone is familiar with the school’s signature cooperative education program. Most have heard the facts about the program’s success with job placement after graduation and for many students, the co-op program was the reason why they chose to come here. Although most people know about how the program can help with their own professional education, few know the interesting history of the legendary program.

The Fall 2011 issue of the Cooperative Education and Internship Association’s Experience magazine features the fascinating history of Northeastern’s cooperative education program with the help of Northeastern University Libraries Archives and Special Collections Department, which provided the photos, document images, book excerpts, and stories included in the magazine.

The featured article in the magazine, “Reflections of a Perplexed Practitioner” by Michelle Clare, highlights university co-op programs during the Great Depression. The spread features documents and photos from Northeastern Libraries’ own Archives and Special Collections Department, and contains excerpts from “Second to None: Seventy-five Years of Leadership in the Cooperative Education Movement” by Joseph Barbeau, a professor emeritus of Northeastern.

The piece consists of remarkable information on the history of Northeastern’s cooperative education program in the period of the Great Depression, including co-op placement statistics from 1929-1932. The photos from the Northeastern’s Archives and Special Collections Department are unique snapshots documenting the life of a Northeastern co-op student during the Depression-era, showing co-ops from the 1930s working at companies such as the American Trust Company and General Radio. The article includes a quote from William C. White, Northeastern’s Executive Vice President until 1968, who said that during this time the co-op program proved its “capacity to endure the rigors of the worst industrial depression we have ever known.”

So, although the current economic recession may seem like a challenge to the co-op program, fear not. In Northeastern’s cooperative education’s 100 year-plus history, the program has gotten through times of hardship before, namely the worst economic crisis of all time: the Great Depression. If the co-op program was able to weather that storm, then without a doubt the innovative program will survive this national recession and will hopefully be around for the next century too.

Read the publication and learn more about the Cooperative Education & Internship Association (CEIA) here: CEIA website.

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Snell Library welcomes new staff members!

Posted by: Jaclyn Rubin


Snell Library now has three new staff members on its team: Erin Beach, Jennifer Ferguson, and Greg McClellan.

Erin Beach, in her new role at NU Libraries, will be a full-time Circulation Supervisor for Consortial Borrowing & Lending.  In addition to staffing and supervising the circulation desk, Erin will coordinate the NExpress and WorldCat Navigator materials processing.  Erin has worked in the Resource Sharing unit as a student and part-time employee for the past two years.  She is a 2009 graduate of Brown University where she majored in English Literature,  and a 2011 graduate of Northeastern University where she also majored in English.  Erin is interested in pursuing a professional career as a library archivist.

Jennifer Ferguson joined us this September as a Data Services Librarian, a newly created position within the Research and Instruction Services department.  A major responsibility of the Data Services Librarian will be to focus on data management and curation, and on data resources that faculty and students can utilize in their research and publishing activities.  Jen will also be the group leader of the new Science, Engineering and Math Liaison Group and play a key role in developing an even stronger liaison program.  Jennifer comes to us from Brandeis University, where she was a Research and Instruction Librarian.  She also serves on the New England E-Science Portal Virtual Community and contributes to the Bioinformatics Core project at the HarvardSchool of Public Health.

Last but certainly not least, Greg McClellan joined us this August in the role of Senior Digital Library Developer, adding important new capacities to our technology portfolio. Greg comes to us from the Brandeis library staff where he served as Senior Systems Librarian. Prior to his time at Brandeis, Greg worked in library technology positions at Lesley University, MIT and Cornell, and he has worked with many open source projects, including VuFind and dSpace. Greg joins the Library Technology Services staff and will work with his tech colleagues on a variety of programming projects including the digital repository, as well as various work flow automation ideas.

The Library welcomes each of you and wishes you the best in your new positions!

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