LibX Plug-in Updated for Firefox 4

Posted by: G. Karen Merguerian


Everybody’s favorite browser plug-in, LibX @ NU, (version 1.5.6) has been updated to be compatible with Firefox 4! If you’re already using LibX, you may be prompted to update the plug-in sometime in the next few hours. This version also works in Internet Explorer. If you use Chrome, there’s now a Chrome version too!

LibX for the NU Libraries offers:

• An optional search bar at the top of the browser window for NuCat, Nexpress, and WorldCat Local

• The ability to highlight any text in a web page and drag it to the search bar (see video)

• Right-click highlighted browser text and search in NuCat, Nexpress, WorldCat or Google Scholar (see video)

• Click the embedded N in Amazon, WorldCat, Google, and more, and search in NuCat or Tour (see video)

• Right-click a web page or URL, including Google Scholar, and log in from home with Library/myNeu login (see video)

• Click any isbn, issn, doi, or PMID on the web, and link to NuCat or full text (see video).

• Get links to COINs, a standard for creating citations (see a video of how it works in Wikipedia)

The plug-in helps you avoid frustration and save time, and brings you access to the library’s content where you are on the web. Try it out!

Download LibX for NU Libraries here

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