New Outlets, Quiet and Silent Areas in Club Snell

Posted by: Kristina Lopez


Over the summer the library began a series of initiatives in response to the results of a survey administered in the spring semester, where students identified a number of areas they would like to see improved. The library is using the feedback to update different parts of Club Snell with both physical changes as well as addressing how the space is used.

Several concerns were addressed in this summer’s renovations; one change came from both survey responses as well as noise complaints made by students. These concerns have resulted in the rebranding of the third and fourth floors, from the “quiet floors”; to the quiet and silent floors, respectively.

The third floor, now the “quiet” floor, will allow for whispered conversation and the fourth floor, now the “silent” floor will prohibit noise or conversation of any kind. The library will continue its policy that phone calls be taken on the first and second floor and not in the stairwells, as they disturb those working on the upper floors of the building. With this in mind, students will still be able to check out laptop locks at the first floor desk of Snell in order to ensure that their laptops remain secure while they are taking phone calls.

The number one concern expressed by students was the number of power outlets, and as a result hundreds of new outlets have been installed all over the library. With the highest number of outlets concentrated in areas where there are many tables and desks.

The redesigned space will soon feature several new, smaller tables as suggested by students. This will increase the overall seat count to just over 1,700 with more than 800 tables for students to work and study at.

But the exciting renovations don’t stop there! As you probably know the second floor of Snell has been completely redesigned, for more information on these improvements check back soon, we’ll have more information about that soon. In the meantime any concerns or comments can be tweeted @ClubSnell or please feel free to speak up in the comments here.


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  1. Krishna, September 24, 2012:

    Can we have this information published on signs in the affected areas? As I was walking through floors 3 and 4 last night, I saw numerous conversations, skype calls, phone calls, etc taking place. When I mentioned it was supposed to be quiet study, most folk simply stared at me, and went right back to talking as soon as I walked away.


  2. thomas urell, September 26, 2012:

    We sure can! We’ll be putting up new flyers this week.

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