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Posted by: G. Karen Merguerian


This is to let you know that the Northeastern Libraries’ participation in NExpress has come to an end. We had been preparing an announcement in our forthcoming newsletter, but our vendor for the NExpress system has disabled our access prematurely, and so effective immediately, borrowing books from other libraries through the NExpress system is no longer available.

If you have outstanding NExpress requests and they are still “in the pipeline” awaiting fulfillment, they will be filled and you’ll be notified when you can pick them up.

If you have NExpress books in your possession, you may continue to use them.  However, no new requests–or requests to renew NExpress books–will be accepted after today.

If you need to make new requests from today forward, please use one of our existing interlibrary borrowing systems, WorldCat Local or ILLiad. All of our NExpress partner libraries also participate in those systems, so they will continue to lend to us, and us to them, going forward.

Please return all NExpress items by May 22, 2013 at the latest.


Here’s what you need to know going forward:

You may use WorldCat Local to search and order books and other returnable items: you’ll see the links within NUCat–or just use the link on the library’s home page, or connect directly to http://northeastern.worldcat.org.

  • The advantage of WorldCat Local ordering is your request goes directly to local partner libraries, and therefore it is the fastest method.
  • Popular libraries’ collections from the NExpress system, like Wellesley and Williams Colleges, continue to be accessible to you through WorldCat Local

You may also place orders using ILLiad: follow the link to Interlibrary Loan on our home page, or connect directly to https://ill.lib.neu.edu/illiad/snell/

  • The advantage of ILLiad is that if you already use ILLiad delivery for PDF journal articles, it may be convenient to have your books, videos and other returnable items listed in the same system.  

The reason for this change is that the NU Libraries are upgrading our infrastructure over the summer, and the new system we are implementing does not support the NExpress technology. (More about this infrastructure change is also forthcoming.) Furthermore, the NExpress system added complexity to our online environment by requiring users to choose from three different, unconnected systems for interlibrary services.

We know NExpress is a popular service and we apologize for the inconvenience of this short notice. If you have any questions about outstanding NExpress requests, or if you need assistance using WorldCat Local or ILLiad, please contact the Circulation Desk at  at 617.373.8778.

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