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Welcome to Northeastern University Libraries’ blog, Snell Snippets. We want to share thoughts, passions, advice, and suggestions related to libraries, scholarship, teaching, technology, and the fascinating world of learning. We hope you have fun exploring with us.

Have a favorite author you want to write about? Got a favorite online tool or application you want to share with the world? Tips for using your favorite research database? Want to highlight scholarship being done by Northeastern faculty and students and cited in the literature? What is the hottest news in your discipline? Suggestions for the Library? How are your students demonstrating learning? Genealogical research sites to share?

Our current bloggers are Library staff.

If you have further questions, contact Tom Urell at t.urell@neu.edu.

Northeastern University Library Blog Guidelines

Northeastern University Libraries’ blog is meant to provide information to users, and encourage discussion and feedback in a fun, light, and informative way.

1. Blog Contributors

The Library Communications Office and Web Steering Committee are responsible for creating parameters and guidelines.

The Library Communications Office and Library Technology Services are jointly responsible for maintenance.

All Library staff members are welcome to create content and are responsible for the content they create. Identified members of library staff will be tasked with regular blogging responsibilities.

Administrative Group members have oversight of the editing process.  The Advancement, Marketing & Communications Assistant is the operational point-person for the blog.

Advancement and Marketing staff members are responsible for responding to the “Suggestion Board.”

2. Acceptable Use & Blog Etiquette
The blog is a University Libraries-sponsored communication tool.  The encouraged tone is casual, fun, conversational, yet well crafted. Text, images, and video content, which broadly relate to the services, resources, and experiences of our users and staff, are welcome and encouraged.  It is expected that blog postings reflect well on Northeastern University Libraries.  Bloggers are expected to check facts, cite sources, acknowledge and correct errors, and check spelling and grammar before publishing a post.  The polite presentation of a variety of points of view is expected.  Users are encouraged to speak their minds, but be respectful of others.  Personal attacks are not allowed.

Links related to posts are encouraged, but bloggers should post original content rather than reposting entire items from other blogs or lists.  Advancement and Marketing staff of the University Libraries will review all posts before making them live.  Northeastern University Libraries reserves the right to remove or edit any blog post.

The following are not permitted:

-Obscene, pornographic or racist content
-Personal attacks, insults or any threatening language
-Plagiarized material (i.e. material copied without attribution)
-Inappropriate private or personal information (this will be removed for your personal safety)
-Off-topic comments
-Hyperlinks to material that is not directly related to the discussion
-Commercial promotions or spam

Comments are reviewed by the Advancement, Marketing & Communications Assistant before being made public.  Commentary, opinion, and reaction to posts are welcome.  Comments should be relevant to the specific posts to which they are attached.  Spam, flaming, personal attacks, and off-topic comments are not permitted. General comments and questions can be submitted to the “Suggestion Board” section of the blog.

4. Copyright & Appropriate Use Policy
All content and use of the blog must comply with the University’s Appropriate Use Policy.  All articles and accompanying materials published by Northeastern University on this site, unless otherwise indicated, are licensed for use by the respective authors of such articles. Those posting must cite the original source in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution License in regards to the distribution of others’ work.

“Northeastern University Libraries Blog Guidelines” is largely based on language borrowed from http://litablog.org/lita-blog-policies-and-procedures/




Amended June 15, 2009 and approved by Library Administration and the Dean of Libraries, July 2009.

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